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Hello World,

Who am I?

I recently visited a exhibition at the science museum in London about who you are and what makes you you in the biological way, they showed us how our brain works, why we sleep and much more of what I couldn’t all take in. As you know if you really read my blog, I was vegan for a little over a month. At first I was trying it out for a month but after I’ve done 1 week I was sure I wouldn’t go back. But after a little over a month I went back to being vegetarian. I am a full vegetarian now, I don’t eat meat nor fish. I am really thinking about the efficiency of being vegan or vegetarian. To make one thing clear, I am in no way going back to eating animals (I can safely say that after 3 years now), but living vegan wasn’t doing much good to me. I ate massive portions and wasn’t quite satisfied (also in combination of that fruit eating, less fat, etc.) and I lost interest in food, because I spent so much time about what I’d want to eat next and what is vegan and all the people I’ve talked to, we were always talking about veganism. No other theme, I didn’t like it any more, I wasn’t feeling happy and I simply saw, that you can’t get enough nutrients without those vitamins and if you think you can (some can, of course, I don’t think I can) and yo keep on like you do and then get tested in one year or more and then you discover issues it is simply too late. The last thing I want to stress on is that you miss out on so much food, you really do, so I broke that veganism trip in London. Now I want to do vegan days or week(s), my food spectrum only enriched, but I can’t do it always.

I learned very much about my body the last few weeks, if I don’t move enough I need to run, if I eat too much fat (german food from grandma) I need to slow down and eat green again, if there are too many people on one spot I need to get away, if I don’t feel happy I need to eat and sleep and I have to make what I want, meet people, travel. And crisps and sweets really don’t bring that much satisfaction, right?

Who are you?

Herzlichst, Taykure.


Hello World,

This post is about the theme arrogance. These posts, will hopefully be more as time passes, because I like to exchange feelings and thoughts with my readers. I am a person who thinks about anything, mostly too much, but it’s better than to close the eyes even if the problem is bigger than we can handle it. More coming next week.

Quick Question: Are you interested in vegetarianism and or veganism, do you want me to talk about it and share my opinions?

Now, this society has changed, I think. It cannot be, that people, boy nor girl have always been this arrogant. People feel better when they get fame, they feel more worthy than others (that’s how it seems to me), when they have thousands of followers in the Internet community, if they are ‘fame’ in school, means they have many so-called friends, boyfriends, go to parties, are skinny and pretty. All these aspects lead to a blind life, full of arrogance for those who have ‘curves’ who are shy, who haven’t gotten the money nor the interest to buy clothes all the time, to look perfect. That’s what they think they are, perfect, but please try to imagine what it feels like to stand in the hallway, waiting for the break to be over, just looking around and getting eyebrows-raised, dull-eyed looks, try to imagine how it feels like to know the facts and to get angry not for the looks but for the small-mindedness. There are so many themes on this planet that are so much more important than your small world full of fame, no one is better that another. There is no reason to become arrogant because of things like that. Be open-minded, open for new, open for all thoughts, for all lifestyles, for all different kind of people. This is not a post about people being or getting arrogant, but to stress about that we change, we have to remind ourselves what matters, you will not live any more if we use/waste our resources as we do today, if we control animals that don’t want to be controlled, if we use up energy on such a high level. Try to cool down, shut down the arrogance, no one is worth less or more that another. No human, no animal! 

To have put my side on people, mostly on social media (fashion people, beauty gurus, etc) or in school, ‘the popular kidz’ , we do not want to forget, that you cannot judge only by how they treat you (school) or how they seem in a gory clips of their life. I do not want to judge, if I do not know them enough, still the human mind is trained on constantly judging and comparing, I want to stop this, but how? Arrogance drags me down, it clings to me and I feel bad for the person, I feel bad for how they act, if (hopefully) one day they will see what they’ve lived like, they will regret it. 

We share this world together, make it a good time, for us and our children.

Herzlichst, Taykure.


Hello World,

After a nice holiday in Croatia and a very stressful first week of school with my favorite subject on 24h replay; chemistry (sarcasm); I am back with news.

I will change, I am changing every day, every hour and every second, I can feel my body changing, I can feel my mind changing, I can feel my interests and even friends changing, everything’s rebuilding itself every moment. And so after the shittiest Friday in week, God has hope, I have decided to go vegan for a month. From yesterday on for 31 days will I cut away and meat and fish (as before) and now in addition to that milk, anything that is made of it, f.ex. jog hurt, cheese, etc. ; eggs and honey. 

I will try to use up the products for beauty that I use, which still have, which have animal ingredients in them, but I will be having and wearing my leather boots (docs, etc), because there is no point in giving them away now. What I will not support any more is products with animal ingredients or that are made of animals even.

My reasons are mostly ethnically, they’ve summed up my mind in months and now is the point, where I cannot and will not ignore them any more. On Thursday I have red a article about a  so called farm in Germany where the ‘produced’ eggs have had a samonallae scanal. Therefore all the chicken had to be killed, chicken who lived in square boxes of 4×4 meters, 60 of them in each. There where two halls, each filled with about 1600, if I can remember right, now thanks your time and calculate the amount of unnecessary deaths on that very day(s).

That’s just one of thousand problems on this planed right now, but I will try this, without pressure for a month, a month of rebellion. And you will follow me in this month, if you want to or if you don’t. 

I think this blog will change soon, because I am changing, and that’s good, but I need to figure out, what is for trash and what is important. Need to get them hormones under control, teenage truth.

Herzlichst, Taykure.

If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is.


“If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is.” – Andy Warhol

This picture is so hideously edited, that it’s beautiful again. I just kind of liked the picture more and more by the time I looked at it. Don’t focus on some parts, just see it as a whole.

Also I love the quote, I saw it on the strewn some days ago and thought of it, when I saw my finished photo.

School really stressful right now, I feel really tired all the time, but I don’t know, whats wrong with me, I sleep so much. Also I am a believer in Karma and I think, that all great and bad things come back to you, but then again everyone kind of talks bad of other people all the time and you get kind of flushed away. I know a girl in my class who I can’t really identify, one time in summer she was super nice and we chatted a lot and she had the same opinions about how people act etc. and now she’s ‘best-friends’ with them etc. I don’t know if she lied to us or how she can change her opinions so fast or why she changes them. That’s a thing I think about all the time, why and how people change that fast, why do they suddenly make you feel worse than you are just because of what you are wearing, how tall or skinny you are, if your hair is nice or because of your school grades. We should never judge anyone about anything, we should meet someone and look at them like a blank canvas with no negative or positive feelings until we really know them.

Stop War, make art.

I also don’t get it why people can never laugh about themselves, I have to admit I do kid friends and people quiet a lot and they are usually really angry about it and insult you (too), but I don’t mean it to insult the person, I just want t make everyone smile and I have to make myself happy with a little joke, otherwise I’ll just drown in the negativity that is ruling the school.

Laugh, it’s free. Laughing is free.

I am of the opinion, that it’s better to have wrinkles around the eyes from laughing and smiling instead of frontal lobes from being sad and angry all the time. A happy feeling is better that any sweets. Now I have a friend and she is so depressive and negative in school, the first 2 or 3 lessons I don’t want to sit next to her or speak with her (that might sound really mean; but) because she always snaps at you if you talk to her or don’t even give any sign of understandment. It really is frustrating and I get soaked with negativity, too, which I don’t like. Please, please if you can find anything of this in you, then quit anything addictive like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets (not that you may be addicted to some thing that makes you happy or satisfied for a short period), look up jokes in the morning, wear something really colorful, think of the people naked that are walking by in school, anything that lifts your mood (for a longer time). And just think about how you transfer something of your bad temper to others.

And lastly I have to criticize myself, aha, I always have so much to do and end up being on my phone until 4 o’ clock and haven’t made my homework, haven’t revised, blogged, red a book, drawed, shopped (you-know-what-emoji-inserted-here), or completed my duties. And I am so sick of myself, I always feel so bad and leached out in the end and it is no wonder I am stressed. Great. And I know you are like that too, because everyone is.

And that’s it for today.

I know noone likes or interests these posts but I like them and so I write them.


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today I have a weird post, it might be really confusing and I will write quiet bad, but I hope you will like it and keep on reading. If you do, grab a cup of tea….

Some time ago, I saw a couple who had just mariied, normally you know those mariages where to husband and the wife drive in a black (old) car with doses that are bend at the end, so it’s really loud and everyone notices the mariage. This time they were on bikes and all the other guests, too, there were even the grandparents (…) on bikes, which was driven by another man. One of the cutest things, I’ve ever seen…

Today I was at a book library ‘Hugendubel’, it’s kind of my 3d home, I love it there,  my passion for books and you can read everything you want, I often just go there and read, I know it isn’t ‘nice’ to not buy the books, but books are really expensive, and I’ve already bought so many there (also not a really good excuse, but oh well…) (and I’ve been there, because the library were already closed, I thought, they would close at 5 pm, and I was there at 4:30 pm, but it closes at 4 pm ).So to the main point is, that I was at the section, where the books for tenns are and there was a whole section about books in the world wars.It was a thing that made me really sick, war isn’t something that we would ‘like’ to read about, it’s one of the worst things, people have aver done, maybe you can realate to me… .

I noticed, that I don’t really like crowds of people, I only have one thought in my mind, when I am in the city.Confusingly,it’s not every time, but sometimes,I love nature…

I am currently watching ‘Gregs Diary 2′ the best thing to watch if you want something brainless and funny, watch it! :’)

I love Ireland.

I love bloggers, who aren’t focussed, just on material things, I like bloggers who write, about their thoughts, experiences or in general who aren’t ‘just’ posting their eoutfit or whatever… which brings me to another point, on which I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It’s about all the tennager or young adults right now, everyone is kind of weird, children/teens at the age of 13,14,15 start smoking cigarettes, drink alcohol (and I mean not only a little), do drugs, all those things, the people are growing so fast, it’s not good to start at such a young age and drugs or cigarettes aren’t good at all, some only do it because of their friends or because they want to be famous at school and thats a way to express coolness. I don’t like it, wehen other people, who don’t want all that aren’t in their clique or cool and aren’t even invited to one of their parties, which is the only thing they do together. I see the results, the brain gets dumb, the alcohol makes them dumb, they don’t learn any more and so they are in school. Furthermore I thing the electeronic use, these days is way too much, the first thing we do (generally) is to shut up our phone and the last thing is to shut it down, everyone has a facebook, instagram, tumblr,blog,twitter,whatsapp,generraly internet connection and, even tough I have it too, I think it’s one of the badest things when we use it too often, Internet has so many down sides, we also forget about the ‘real’ things, we don’t enjoy the moments, as nature, don’t play outside anymore,have no conversations (fewer) and read less.. It would be great if we all get a little bid away from the sozial media! Our time is limited!

The next thing about our society is that there are so many young teens, who get depressed, only focus on the bad things and the time where they laugh gets less every day, they don’t seem and are happy any more and also make others sad, I have a friend myself and I don’t really know what to do, they seem to kind of search for that happyness, I don’t know how to say that, I hope you undertsand a little bid.

Stay positive, when the world is changing, see you! ॐ

Manchmal ist es nicht ratsam etwas gesagtes zu übersetzten, weil es dann nicht mehr genauso rüber kommt, ich hoffe es ist nicht so schlimm und ihr könnt es trotzdem verstehen, auch wenn es auf englisch, vll übersetze ich es noch aber im Moment finde ich es nicht gut.