London #3


Oxford Street

Hello World,

on the third and second wholde day in London my friend and I went to Oxford Street for a whole fucking day. I can’t even believe it now that we spent one day there, strolling through shops like Topshop, Primark, Tiger (amazing!), and much more. On that day there was the Tube strike and so we had to take the red buses, did you believe there were so many when you first went to London, I didn’t.

Enjoy the photos and comment your favorite city, if you like.

Herzlichst, Taykure.
DSC_0280 DSC_0319 DSC_0296

a street next to Oxford Street after a lunch on a doorstep (bagels and carrots) “Carnaby Street”


se flowers and se hand


se lamps

London #2


amazing ice cream van in Hyde Park (Corner) after breakfasting (muesli) there

Hello World,

this is the second Day of my Trip to London, where we ate our first ever fish n’ chips, visited the Natural History Museum and had a massive stroll though an english independent bookshop and through Chinatown. I don’t want to tire you with my words, just enjoy the photos.

London #1

Herzlichst, Taykure.
DSC_0110 DSC_0111 DSC_0112


message “The EU” and look at the eagle


waiting with too many people for the Changing at the Buckingham Palace (with too many of those freakin’ Selfie-Sticks)


there they are (sorry but wasn’t worth it)


Natural History Museum (god bless that architecture)

DSC_0151 DSC_0194 DSC_0190

inside (the great hall)


a exhibition


my very first fish n’ chips #pescetarier for once


The “South Kensington Bookshop” Independent Bookseller, they had a sale okay


Now in Chinatown, the yummies


things only Asian people eat

DSC_0240 DSC_0264

rain on the very long bus ride home #tubestrike (nice people helped us, thankfully! 🙂 )

London #1


The London Eye

Hello World,

this is it, the first day of the best adventure I’ve had so far. My London Photo Diary contain all the places my friend and I went to and also some little bits that I liked. I tell you, you have to go there in your life, it is amazing. We had luck with the weather as I can count off the times it rained by one hand (if it rained, only for approximately 1 hour) and we made the most off our days. From flying alone (like that) for the first time, so trying to get euros into pounds, searching for the right trains and buses to sleeping at a (youth-)hostel for the first time to trying to open a lock with a needle, we had some problems, but all in all I’d do that same trip again if I should choose. Enjoy some photos and yes, you’ll get spammed by London.

Herzlichst, Taykure.


“No Smoking” — first ride on the London Undergound




nice, dirty sign “Westminster Bridge”


look like Chanel


Westminster Abbey, didn’t go in #studentmoneyproblem


going to the toilet at Pret-a-manger


“Paddington” Bear, love this station


Peace out, London (w/ me friend)


I think it looks cool at Paddington


walk to Tesco and typical english houses, big lubb

Weekend Roundup 150215



the reason for my lack of posts has been, that school has tressed me out and plus that I am moving.

I am encouraged to do posts, though my outfits weren’t very special lately, but the time and space isn’t there. Next week we’ll be moving all my things out of Munich, on the more countryside. I am very afraid of going to a new school and I don’t know how everything will turn out to be, I will still be in Munich on the Weekends (mostly), but it will be more traveling and friend-time on holidays. My emotions are like on a rollercoaser or like a sin(cos)-curve, up and down, up and down. I spend my free time being tired, reading, eating chocolate etc.. Don’t know where to put myself right now.

On Friday I had the last day in my school, I’ve gone there to school since 5th grade up until the second semester of 10th grade, so I know some people there and they’ve seen me change from this little scared girl to this older little scared girl. All my friends told me some sh*t about a ‘new beginning’, but I would want to do my Abitur there. Anyhow, the people in my class were so nice, I couldn’t think of a nicer act to say goodbye to me, they bought me 2 postcards where everyone wrote something for me and a Milka Alles Gute chocolate pralinées thing. At least I can now go on eating chocolate.

So with the semester ending, I thanked and said good-bye to every teacher I was leaving (some left, too), got my school report, took all my things out of my locker (resigned it) and got all my art works from my teacher back, which I am showing you here, I think the themes were quite cool.

I want to be doing kind of a schedule on this blog, containing of one fashion post, one food posts, one book/film post and something else per week, maybe I leave one category out and do the ‘something else’ post then, we’ll see. I am also planning to do a new header myself, it’ll be ‘nice’.

Now to some cooler stuff, I want you to look at some cool things on the Internet, etc.

Herzlichst, Taykure.



1. Coloured version of the theme CD-cover; I did it for ‘The XX’ with this popular wave as a guideline, a ombré X in different colors and a pink background; i got an A (grade 1) for it.

2. Black and White version of the theme CD-cover; ” ” “; again, i got an A (grade 1) for it.

3. Self-portrait from the first lesson of art of the year, teachers always make us do that; i don’t think it looks like me, I mean I really like it, but it doesn’t look quite like me; i still got an A (grade 1) for it.

4. The last one is a pop art think, we chose a picture of a magazine, then traced it and then increase it with this square-technique; I quite like it, tough the background is very bad and I am intending to cut out the women and glue it to a colorful paper; again, I got an A (grade 1) for it.