Moved Blog!

Dear World,

thank you so so much for staying with this blog for so long even tough I didn’t post anything for a whole year and a half! I didn’t mean to be mean, I wasn’t feeling good and I went through some tough times, from which I have shrunken, but also learned so much and now I am back at living life again and enjoying it to the fullest. I mean it, you can now find vintage/retro (obsession!) Outfits, Recipes, Handmade/Sewn Clothing and other jazz, Beauty and Body-Positivity Posts on my new Blog Goldhände!

Do visit me and give me a cheeky little hello and maybe, if you are still interested, even a follow. I am up for many collaborations, to get in touch with people again and trie out new things, so if you’d be interested, just write me a comment!

See you now on goldhä ! Much Love xx