Moved Blog!

Dear World,

thank you so so much for staying with this blog for so long even tough I didn’t post anything for a whole year and a half! I didn’t mean to be mean, I wasn’t feeling good and I went through some tough times, from which I have shrunken, but also learned so much and now I am back at living life again and enjoying it to the fullest. I mean it, you can now find vintage/retro (obsession!) Outfits, Recipes, Handmade/Sewn Clothing and other jazz, Beauty and Body-Positivity Posts on my new Blog Goldhände!

Do visit me and give me a cheeky little hello and maybe, if you are still interested, even a follow. I am up for many collaborations, to get in touch with people again and trie out new things, so if you’d be interested, just write me a comment!

See you now on goldhä ! Much Love xx

London Packing

DSC_0403 DSC_0402

Hello World,

so planning this trip has been exhausting, so I am even more excited for it to be finally! As you’re reading this, I am in London, so here’s a peek inside my suitcase plus my very-own list (in german) written on me typewriter. I am trying to pack as less as I can, because, well I will be in a shopping-heaven, right? At leastI hope so. What do you like to bring on your trips?

Herzlichst, Taykure.

ht mng


ht mng – hot ming a – hot munich – heißes münchen

I had a week of work at a beautiful restaurant as a cook, but in this temperature I was even more tired than I already always am, just look at the pictures my great friend Kathi took of me. We had a good after-work (for me) chat and exchanged some thoughts, which was nice. I also tried some vegan jellies she had left, they were really sweet, but not that bad for being vegan!

We firstly shot at the Gasteig, but after wandering around chatting away, she saw the sunlight hitting the spot perfectly, so we have it another go, I only like the pictures of myself in those, haha. It was still too hot, even after changing in this beautiful jumpsuit! Now we have fall weather and it’s my last week of school before the real summer holidays, see ya!

Herzlichst, Taykure.

jumpsuit – Topshop

shoes – espandrilles (shop “Indigo” at the Gärtnerplatz in munich)

watch – Daniel Wellngton

necklace – etsy


DSC_0549 DSC_0565

My best Vintage Item’s

DSC_0124{Alexa’s Vintage store in munich (post here); 25 euros}

Hello World,

today I show you my favorite vintage Items, that I either got from a flea market, online from Kleiderkreisel (second hand app) or from a vintage shop. I love vintage clothing because they have a story, if I can say this like that and they are special, e.g. not everyone owns that piece. I’ve set a goal to only buy vintage, but i think I won’t be able to fulfill this, because Topshop, American Apparel, Brandy Melville and H&M have such good items, too.

I’ll always write where I got them and the price (not always sure about the exact, but you get the sense).

Here you can read about Tips on shopping for Vintage clothing and about my favorite vintage store in Munich.

Herzlichst, Taykure.DSC_0123 2{flea market in munich; for free (this was the best thing on that day!)}DSC_0127{independent second hand store in munich;closed now ;20 euros}

DSC_0122{flea market in munich; reithalle; about 5 euros}DSC_0128{present from my mum; ebay (i think); price unknown}

DSC_0176{Kleiderkreisel (app); about 20 euros}

Effy Stonem (skins uk) ootd


Hello World, today I have another outfit for you, it’s inspired by Effy Stonem, who is a character in Skins uk from season 1 to 4 and 7. I really love all her clothes, but her way of life must be discussed, don’t get me wrong.

Blazer – H&M (thrifted)

Shirt (white) – H&M

shirt (short one underneath) – Topshop (old)

Flannel – Forever21

Jeans – Thrifted

Shoes – Dr.Martens


Hope you like this outfit, who are your outfit inspirations?

Herzlichst, Taykure.

DSC_0094 DSC_0123 DSC_0127 DSC_0148 DSC_0160 DSC_0170