Summer Photography Recap {Thoughts on Life} collab. w/ Rosy Vogue Blog


Hello World,

this post is a Collaboration with the lovely Arianna from the Rosy Vogue Blog. We decided to make a post about our adventures, experiences and what else we discovered this past summer. Well let’s face it, it’s getting’ authum-ny now and I can’t say I am not happy about it. Please check out her blog, she is really cute and she also sells amazing bookmarks!



Croatia, more precisely Pag was my summer vacation this year and I really love going on vacation this early, because in Germany, we have “Pfingsten” as a school holiday in May/June for two weeks. All I did was lay on the beach, read, drink, swim and repeat – which is what you do, right? It was also without my parents, but with friends of mine and my mother.


London – La Liberté

London is one of the cities I have always wanted to visit and yes I have been learning english in school for around 8 years now (primary school more or less) and yet I haven’t been to any english-speaking country! My mother isn’t too much of a city vacation-maker and I really wanted to travel with a friend this year – alone. And I know I am young, but we were so fixed up on the idea, that I eventually persuaded my mother to let me go. We booked the flights, a hostel and bus tickets from the airport and back and most importantly Harry Potter : The Exhibtion, I planned nearly everything for the days and so we had a fill program to do in this big city. Man was I scared (mainly because of me mother) the first 2-3 days but that quickly went away when I experienced so many things of which I didn’t believe one year ago would happen to me that soon. And I can safely say every day that these 8 days with Feli were the best days of my life until now. I was feeling so free and capable to do anything I/we want to do, I truly felt like I could eventually travel more after my education and this was the kick-start of me not hiding any more, I want to live my life, I only have this one.


Meeting Everyone

Do you have stars and celebs that you really would make anything to meet? I really hate those girls who crie and scream when they see all these boy bands and whatnot, think about it, they won’t hear anything by the time they are 30 and they must feel very intimidated. For me I do want to meet such people as Emma Watson, etc. (still) but for me I think that any person who is truly nice and helpful deserves just the same attention. Any person in London which who I talked, the most amazing shop assistant in a telco Metro with who I could chat away as I was buying gifts to take home to Germany, the best roommates we could have wished for in the Hostel, two more shop assistants at the Harry Potter Shop at the Leavesden Studios who I asked if their job there was good or not (well I still wish to be jobbing there one day, even for just a few months) and who probably thought I was really weird. In Review I think I had big Bambi eyes talking to each of them and I really treated them like they were the biggest celebs I could meet – they live in London, they speak english and yes some work for J.K Rowling! I wanted to chat with as many people while being in England as possible and I think I did quite well. More in the next aspect.

When coming back from London on the 12th I had 2 days in Munich at my fathers and I met 2 of my friends there, both of them would be at vacation the day after our “meeting”. Both days were really spontaneous and because of that even better, Munich heated up for 3 weeks now and we were just chatting and walking at the Isar (major river) or even visiting a art exhibition of the famous and amazing artist Keith Haring. We were talking about anything that came to our minds, exchanging problems and if I look back at myself a year ago, I met only one friend in those 6 weeks of holidays, which is sad, but as I declared before, I want to meet as many people as possible and want to live my life, to look back and be happy, because thats what I am right now.

This is my very first collaboration and I am so happy, that it is about Thought and “Life Lessons”, because I love sharing ideas and reading other peoples thoughts, the community here on WordPress is incredible and I am keen to get to know many more people. Keep an eye out for more 🙂 (I will also feature my favorite people in my Favorites from now on)



I am open here and I declare that I argued with my family too much these last months and I am tired of it, I can’t do it anymore, so I stopped. People told me that the english folk is grumpy and not too nice at times, but what I have experienced is the opposite. The people helped us out at any time, no matter if we were on the wiring bus, we had a not to be opened lock or anything else, the people chatted with us, gave us iced-lolly, took free Polaroids of us or told us their working times at the market. I loved the Kindness and was keen to treasure it in my heard and be just like that. Back in Germany I was reminded of how unfriendly and grumpy my folk is, on the subway everyone minds their own business and gives other people looks, in the art gallery of Keith Haring the custodian of the museum reminded us in a much heartless way that we have to lock our bags in before we enter, which we didn’t know. He could have said it more friendly. Such things put me down. People be happy and treat other how you want to be treated.

My Summer has been one of the best I’ve ever had tough 2015 is the worst year I’ve ever had. Excited for many more to come and for autumn.

Herzlichst, Taykure.

Winter Favorites w/ Dreaming Belle|Bellure


Hey, today I have another collaboration post with my dear friend Kathi from Dreaming Belle, we thought we make a little series where we collaborate every second tuesday in each month and we planned around 5 months now, we’ll see if we’ll continue this ‘series’ then. And we thought it was about time to name our collaborations, it’s Bellure, I love the name, it was her Idea, just click on the tag ‘Bellure’ and you’ll see every post we made together (those before, too). We are kicking it off with our Winter Favorites, i hope you like it.

Here’s Kathis Favorites Post (German)


First of all, now that it is colder outside, but let’s face it not really winter here any more, thanks to the climate change. My favorite moisturizing lip care product has been this Nivea lip butter with the flavor Caramel Cream Kiss, I got it from my mom, who brought it to me from America, I don’t think it is available in Germany. It has a really nice smell and is really rich, I put it on when I go to bed and it makes my lips very smooth, at least until I brush my teeth, but my lips get dry very fast. I am trying to change to natural products, but I have to use it up before that, if you only use natural cosmetic I would recommend the Bee Natural lip balm pomegranate, I keep it in my pencil case in school and the funny thing is, I bought it when I loved watching Skins (I still very much like it) and there I loved the style of Effie Stonem, just the style, to be clear here, I wore leather jackets,.. and the smell and taste just sort of smells like skins now. To get back to the original theme, it is very good and makes my lips feel better immediately. Both are very cheap.


Besides loving my Winter coat from the Topshop Sale, post here, I love my Uggs, I am now wearing them the 3rd year, back then I haven’t been a vegetarian, now I am, but I see no point in giving them away now. Anyways, they were 3 years back the only boots, that kept my feet nice and warm, before that I hadn’t got any and I can tell you from experience that it is not nice having to wait in a drugstore to get warm again when you have been going with a dog for one and a half hours with half a meter snow, but it were good times, we at least had snow, now we don’t anymore. This is probably the thing that makes me the most sad right now, everything changes, just because of us people. Please help to stop the climate change and save the arctic here! It is only a signing, you can at least do that, while you put your heater on in the winter time and the air conditioning in the summer.


So I know, that Kathi (with whom I am here collaborating) loves series and is addicted to watching Golden Girls etc. and I have to say I don’t watch series all the time, but sometimes I find or ‘new’ (to me) very good series like Skins (a Must-Watch, it’s free to watch for german reader on myvideo) and when I was in 6th or 7th grade I watched Glee all the time, I loved it and videotaped the episodes if I would not be able to watch it on that Monday, now what can I say, I found my way back to it, Glee is just amazing. It’s basically about this school chorus, who are ‘Nerds’ and ‘Losers’, but are very good in singing, there are these very different characters and it is also about growing up and becoming who you want to be. It’s just amazing!


Here is a Playlist of my Favorite songs right now, I will update it every time I make a new Favorites post, but I’ll also list the titles and artists here.

Cannonball by Lea Michele; Eté by Philippe Rombi (from the movie Jeune et Joli, which I can finally watch when I am 16); Jeune et Joli by Philippe Rombi; Heroes by David Bowie (love old music in general, if you want to check out a ‘One Winter’ playlist from the book ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’, you can find it on 8tracks); Starman by David Bowie; Asleep by The Smiths; Crimewave by Crystal Castles (this is something different from the other songs, but I like it so don’t judge me); Affection by Crystal Castles; Vanished by Crystal Castles; Not in Love by Crystal Castles; Crystalized by The XX (love The XX); Angles by The XX; Intro by The XX; Fiction by The XX; Together by The XX; Blackbird by Paul McCartney     I also liked the ‘Electric feel Kygo remix’, but it is only available on Soundcloud.


I took some photos with my lomography camera, which is really good and old from my uncle, the only problem is, that it kind of broke right after I put my photos to be developed, the objective has clamped before, but now it is fully broken, there is only one shop, where I can get it fixed (there’s also another problem, but I couldn’t understand what it was) and so it costs 60 euros, some of you would say, that it isn’t much, but I am not that happy about it, I have to see, but it is really fun making photos and getting it developed and then see what comes out of it, plus I am more carefully of what I capture, because it is quite expensive. Mine is a ‘Pentax ME super’ and it was really expensive when my uncle once bought it and my mom told me, he saved for it a very long time and now you can get it for around 50-100 euro on ebay, this makes me really sad, because people don’t think it’s something special anymore.

Internet People

So I ‘discovered’ three new people who make videos about fashion on the Internet, who are ‘TheLineUp’ and ‘SunBeamsJess’. I love their style, although the two girl from TheLineUp do style quite ‘All black everything’ and I am not a person who thinks, that that is a talent for styling, but I like their style anyways. Plus they live in Sweden, how good is their english, like please. Jess from SunBeamsJess has a really original style, I love all her videos, even the batty ones, I don’t like beauty too much. I also really like these blogs, check them out!

A Vinatage Blog, amazingly written:

A Book, Art, More Blog (amazing art!):


I loved every, type of bean (including chickpeas), I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I could eat certain type of beans every single day.Please give it a try, even my stepmother, who didn’t like beans all her life now loves them in chili con carne,… .

I also loved roasting vegetables just in the oven and then eating it like that.

Of course, because it is the christmas time right now, I love ginger bread, I made some really good ones last year, but this year I am not really in the christmas mood (at least right now) and so my mother bought some ascertained Nuremberger Elsien-Gringer Bread.

S that are my favorite things right now, in the winter time, but I have also noticed, that I love the 45 minutes break I sometimes have at school (lunch time), it’s always really much fun and I like eating with all the people of the class…


Fireplace Book Recommendations

Hey, today is another Book post and at the same time another collaboration with Kathi from Dreaming Belle, hurray!

So today both Kathi and me show you 5 Book Recommendations for a cozy, chill evening at the fireplace, or if you don’t have one, like me, just in bed or in front of the heater. Click on *this* link to see her recommendations (only german) and comment down below, what your favorite books are at the moment.


1. The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

It is a shame, that I haven’t ever talked about this book on my blog (or have I?). It’s has been y favorite book for the past year or so and I’ve already red it about 5 times.

I love this book so much, because of it’s beautiful story, it never get’s boring when you read it and is actually really funny, sometimes. Personally, I and many others can relate to the main Character, Charlie, because he has the same problems as us, but a lot more and I am not saying, that I am like him, because that’s not true (if you read it you know what I mean), but I like melancholy that comes with it and it shows how goring up as a teenager is like and it shows how you find the most amazing friends without being ‘uncool’ and forgetting about family, school, literature. The Charakter is really sweet and he is not a character you come across in every book.

10 out of 10 points

2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

If you haven’t heard of the book (or more of the films) and haven’t even had it in your hands, then where have you been. I don’t mean it in a negative or evil way, but it was such a hit when it first came out and of course I have red all 3 books, but I think it is worth reading it again. The first part of the last film is about to come out and I for myself could need a reminder of the details in the book again. It is one of those books, that you take, start to read and 3 hours later you can’t believe it that you are still on this planet at this moment, it’s one of those addictive books, like Harry Potter, like the Maze Runner, like Twilight (sorry haven’t red that one yet), xxx. I have to say if you read it and it’s really frustrating, exciting and sad at some points, I am not able to make head nor tail out of the main character, Catniss. Maybe it’s just me, but her decisions, her ways of making things, her love, I don’t get it. But that’s also a plus for the store, its original, amazing and the characters and situation are complicated for once, it’s not that you already know what the decide to do in the next moment, just an amazingly written trilogy.

I like Distophy.

10 out of 10 points (again)

3. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I recently red this book and loved it, it’s filled with action, friction, a little bit love and it is one of those ‘books-you-can’t-leave-aside’.
It’s about a Maze where boys live, eat, sleep, work and try to solve the maze, because every night when the doors close, the grievers come out which are extremely dangerous. The boys who get there, one every month, have no memories from where they come nor why, all they know is their name and basic things. Then one day Thomas arrives and another day later the first girl ever, and she has a message which will change everything.

Like I said it’s so fascinating, I got through the book in about 3 days. I would recommend it for everyone who likes The Hunger Games, Delirium,…

8 points out of 10 :3

4. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

It’s no secret, that I love Harry Potter and this post wouldn’t be complete without it. I think it’s the best book (series) to dream into, yet. I read it over and over again and somehow you can really dream yourself in it, J.K Rowling has described it so well, the pictures instantly form inside my head. Here’s my Harry Potter Tag if you want to read that too.

If you don’t know, what Harry Potter is about, then where have you been, just look it up on the Internet. I think there’s nothing to hide from you passions and for me it is Harry Potter,.. So I wear my Harry Potter clothes and talk about it as much as I like, I don’t give a sh** if someone finds it weird or thing of me like a nerd, I like all those things and if you are one of these people too, I’d recommend you to go to the ‘Item Shop’ at the ‘Isator’ in Munich, it’s filled with items if your favorite shows like HP, Game of Thrones,…

100 points out of 10. The.Best.Book.Ever.

Sirius business.

5. Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

This is a book for all you Paris loving and fashion/interior/beauty loving girls and boys, too. It has everything in this book about how to style ‘parisian’, what to do there, what beauty items a true parisian likes, even where to sleep in the capital of France. Maybe the book isn’t always how it really is, but I like it and it has great recommendations, where to eat, shop…

It’s a light read and I bought it moths before I went to Paris and took everything in, that I could, I was obsessed with this book!

Maybe a 6-7 out of 10, because it’s not like a literature piece of art.


That have been all my Recommendations and now I want to add the books, that are currently righ up to read:

Me before you by Jojo Moyens, (finish) Looking for Alaska by John Green, Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin, Verliebt in Hollyhill by Alexandra Pilz (german), Star Cursed (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, 2) by Jessica Spotswood, …..

If you aren’t much of a Book person, there’s a post coming soon for you!

Until next time xx