Blog Break, bye!

Hello World,

probably writing the last post for a while I am saying bye. I just wanted the 2,3 people that are actually friends with me and interested in me to know this, I will need to focus on school more, as I saw how good it was for my grades in the last couple of weeks, the final years. I got time to read again and for friends, not wasting my time, sometimes. I have the times where I really dislike what I am doing and want to be on my own right now, as one of the million teenaged without a blog, so I am going to set my blog on private for as long as I need to and want to. I really loved it from times, but at the moment I can’t bare it any more. If you want you can still contact me with my e-mail , but well you won’t see this blog in a week any more… if you care you can contact me now, I really love getting friends with you, but I do need to get away from the Internet right now.

Herzlichst, Taykure.