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Dear World,

thank you so so much for staying with this blog for so long even tough I didn’t post anything for a whole year and a half! I didn’t mean to be mean, I wasn’t feeling good and I went through some tough times, from which I have shrunken, but also learned so much and now I am back at living life again and enjoying it to the fullest. I mean it, you can now find vintage/retro (obsession!) Outfits, Recipes, Handmade/Sewn Clothing and other jazz, Beauty and Body-Positivity Posts on my new Blog Goldhände!

Do visit me and give me a cheeky little hello and maybe, if you are still interested, even a follow. I am up for many collaborations, to get in touch with people again and trie out new things, so if you’d be interested, just write me a comment!

See you now on goldhä ! Much Love xx

The modern Chignon



Hello World, this is a how-to for a messy chignon, there are other ways of making it more modern and different but I chose this one as it is quite the opposite of the neat and sleek chinese chignon.

Quick Note: I am actually quite fond of how the pictures turned out, it reminds me of that picture in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (all-time obsession), that Craig shot of Sam. So beautiful!

You’ll need a hair brush, a hair band (preferably in your hair color), if needed bobby pins and hairspray. You want to brush your hair and make sure there are no knots in there, then you want to flip the hair upside down (maybe brush the hair from there in the right direction) and make a high ponytail, but stop halfway making the knot in your last turn and just leave it there. From there you want to pull right at the top of the chignon, at the sides for more volume and maybe also at the back of the head so that it doesn’t look too flat. Pull out some strands of hair on the side if you want to and ruffle to chignon up. If you have really big chunks of hair falling out you can fix that with some pins, if you want to you can also ad a bandana, hair clip, flower crown or any other jewelry of your choice to make a statement for your face and outfit. I really like this hairstyle for chilling at home or in school, make it a neat chignon for work or special occasions as it is very classic.

Herzlichst, Taykure.


Random Melting


Hello, I’m back with one little photography post, I basically made photos of everything that interested me. I love close ups, so maybe I’ll look for a better objective for that suppose, but until then I will finally have to fix my analogue cameras. They are getting more n’ more, but I just love to take photos on film. The pictures capture one of the last days with snow, and I can very happily say, that Spring is coming now, thank you very much.

Herzlichst, Taykure.

DSC_1015_FotorDSC_1010_Fotornormal DSC_1010_Fotor DSC_1047_FotorDSC_1020_FotornormalDSC_1020_FotorDSC_1046_FotorDSC_1018_FotorDSC_1052_Fotor

If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is.


“If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is.” – Andy Warhol

This picture is so hideously edited, that it’s beautiful again. I just kind of liked the picture more and more by the time I looked at it. Don’t focus on some parts, just see it as a whole.

Also I love the quote, I saw it on the strewn some days ago and thought of it, when I saw my finished photo.

School really stressful right now, I feel really tired all the time, but I don’t know, whats wrong with me, I sleep so much. Also I am a believer in Karma and I think, that all great and bad things come back to you, but then again everyone kind of talks bad of other people all the time and you get kind of flushed away. I know a girl in my class who I can’t really identify, one time in summer she was super nice and we chatted a lot and she had the same opinions about how people act etc. and now she’s ‘best-friends’ with them etc. I don’t know if she lied to us or how she can change her opinions so fast or why she changes them. That’s a thing I think about all the time, why and how people change that fast, why do they suddenly make you feel worse than you are just because of what you are wearing, how tall or skinny you are, if your hair is nice or because of your school grades. We should never judge anyone about anything, we should meet someone and look at them like a blank canvas with no negative or positive feelings until we really know them.

Stop War, make art.

I also don’t get it why people can never laugh about themselves, I have to admit I do kid friends and people quiet a lot and they are usually really angry about it and insult you (too), but I don’t mean it to insult the person, I just want t make everyone smile and I have to make myself happy with a little joke, otherwise I’ll just drown in the negativity that is ruling the school.

Laugh, it’s free. Laughing is free.

I am of the opinion, that it’s better to have wrinkles around the eyes from laughing and smiling instead of frontal lobes from being sad and angry all the time. A happy feeling is better that any sweets. Now I have a friend and she is so depressive and negative in school, the first 2 or 3 lessons I don’t want to sit next to her or speak with her (that might sound really mean; but) because she always snaps at you if you talk to her or don’t even give any sign of understandment. It really is frustrating and I get soaked with negativity, too, which I don’t like. Please, please if you can find anything of this in you, then quit anything addictive like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets (not that you may be addicted to some thing that makes you happy or satisfied for a short period), look up jokes in the morning, wear something really colorful, think of the people naked that are walking by in school, anything that lifts your mood (for a longer time). And just think about how you transfer something of your bad temper to others.

And lastly I have to criticize myself, aha, I always have so much to do and end up being on my phone until 4 o’ clock and haven’t made my homework, haven’t revised, blogged, red a book, drawed, shopped (you-know-what-emoji-inserted-here), or completed my duties. And I am so sick of myself, I always feel so bad and leached out in the end and it is no wonder I am stressed. Great. And I know you are like that too, because everyone is.

And that’s it for today.

I know noone likes or interests these posts but I like them and so I write them.