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Hello you,

Welcome to my blog, Taykure, my space on the internet. Here you can find anything from vegan recipes (vegetarian in the past), books (mostly reviews), my art (f.ex. photography), outfits, handmade things to thoughts and more. Feel free to scroll to my posts on the start page and comment if you are up for a nice chat.

I am a vegan, passionate about politics, the environment, activists but also about places to be discovered by me and shared with you. Since I haven’t been living ‘the vegan lifestyle’ for too long, I am very grateful for any tips on vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. I am a stressed person who makes too many critics and pressure on herself. I like to see society in many ways and there are days where I love the world with the people, but there are also days where I cannot understand the actions of some people, then I can critique very harshly, still I am a nice person, but I will not regret or take back anything that I’ve said, because if you wouldn’t have wanted to say it, then you wouldn’t have done it.

That’s my way of life, take things as they are, do not care about what other people think of you and make the best out of it.

In that theme I do not like to fit one person in one box, everyone is a individual with many different aspects, I like to express myself through my wardrobe, I wear how I feel that day. If I feel a bit pinky that day, I wear clothes that ‘express that’. If I feel like a sixties gal, I’ll wear that. I am not the same person every day, that’s why I am also not sticking with just one theme.

So, that’s me, more facts:

fav. book(s) : Harry Potter

fav. movie : The lovely bones

fav. songwriter/band (atm) : José González (Crosses)

fav. artist (atm) : Astrid Köhler

fav. food : sushi (vegan)

fav. subject(s) (school) : art, english

fav blog (atm) : 

fav. time : 12 o’clock

fav. animal : all (insects are important too, but annoying)

fav. place : library


9 thoughts on “Miss Taykure

    • Wow, thank you!!! I appreciate this so so much, and hey, I just found out we live in the same city! *-*
      I am happy that you found me! Do you have any posts about London, I didn’t find any, but maybe I simply didn’t see it… 🙂
      Much Love!

      • Whaaat? really?? hahaha that’s awesome!
        Maybe we can meet sometime 😀

        No, I have been to London 2 times before but I dont have great pictures, so I didnt write a post yet, sorry. I might probably go there again this year, if I do, I will certainly write about it 😀

      • That would be more than awesome!!!
        Oh ok then my eyesight hasn’t gone that bad ^^
        Love to read about it, well only so I know, what were your tip places there? It’s because I am going soon and I want everyone’s favorite places there :3

      • Ohhh cool!!! Well, there are some things you can’t miss when in London:
        The Big Ben, the London Tower, London Eye, the guard change at the Buckingham Palace, the Picadilly Circus, the Hyde Park, have an afternoon tea :D, if you have time visit Notting Hill, visit the Madam Tussauds wax museum (it’s expensive, but pretty cool), maybe watch a play? There are always some great ones every month 🙂 Ohhh there are so many things to do there ❤ you will love it!

      • Thank you so much, U am definitely going to Notting Hill! And I have always dreamed of going to the Buckingham Palace… Will be checking out as much as I can!
        I hope I will, and won’t get put down, I’ve always dreamed of going there, I can’t comprehend it, that I am really going… :))) Thanks again for the tips ❤️

      • My pleasure 😀
        Awnnnn I’m so happy for you!!! It will be soooo exciting! I hope you enjoy every second of it and visit as many things as you can 😀
        Have fun and a safe trip!


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