London #3


Oxford Street

Hello World,

on the third and second wholde day in London my friend and I went to Oxford Street for a whole fucking day. I can’t even believe it now that we spent one day there, strolling through shops like Topshop, Primark, Tiger (amazing!), and much more. On that day there was the Tube strike and so we had to take the red buses, did you believe there were so many when you first went to London, I didn’t.

Enjoy the photos and comment your favorite city, if you like.

Herzlichst, Taykure.
DSC_0280 DSC_0319 DSC_0296

a street next to Oxford Street after a lunch on a doorstep (bagels and carrots) “Carnaby Street”


se flowers and se hand


se lamps

London #2


amazing ice cream van in Hyde Park (Corner) after breakfasting (muesli) there

Hello World,

this is the second Day of my Trip to London, where we ate our first ever fish n’ chips, visited the Natural History Museum and had a massive stroll though an english independent bookshop and through Chinatown. I don’t want to tire you with my words, just enjoy the photos.

London #1

Herzlichst, Taykure.
DSC_0110 DSC_0111 DSC_0112


message “The EU” and look at the eagle


waiting with too many people for the Changing at the Buckingham Palace (with too many of those freakin’ Selfie-Sticks)


there they are (sorry but wasn’t worth it)


Natural History Museum (god bless that architecture)

DSC_0151 DSC_0194 DSC_0190

inside (the great hall)


a exhibition


my very first fish n’ chips #pescetarier for once


The “South Kensington Bookshop” Independent Bookseller, they had a sale okay


Now in Chinatown, the yummies


things only Asian people eat

DSC_0240 DSC_0264

rain on the very long bus ride home #tubestrike (nice people helped us, thankfully! 🙂 )

London #1


The London Eye

Hello World,

this is it, the first day of the best adventure I’ve had so far. My London Photo Diary contain all the places my friend and I went to and also some little bits that I liked. I tell you, you have to go there in your life, it is amazing. We had luck with the weather as I can count off the times it rained by one hand (if it rained, only for approximately 1 hour) and we made the most off our days. From flying alone (like that) for the first time, so trying to get euros into pounds, searching for the right trains and buses to sleeping at a (youth-)hostel for the first time to trying to open a lock with a needle, we had some problems, but all in all I’d do that same trip again if I should choose. Enjoy some photos and yes, you’ll get spammed by London.

Herzlichst, Taykure.


“No Smoking” — first ride on the London Undergound




nice, dirty sign “Westminster Bridge”


look like Chanel


Westminster Abbey, didn’t go in #studentmoneyproblem


going to the toilet at Pret-a-manger


“Paddington” Bear, love this station


Peace out, London (w/ me friend)


I think it looks cool at Paddington


walk to Tesco and typical english houses, big lubb

Summer Photography Recap {Thoughts on Life} collab. w/ Rosy Vogue Blog


Hello World,

this post is a Collaboration with the lovely Arianna from the Rosy Vogue Blog. We decided to make a post about our adventures, experiences and what else we discovered this past summer. Well let’s face it, it’s getting’ authum-ny now and I can’t say I am not happy about it. Please check out her blog, she is really cute and she also sells amazing bookmarks!



Croatia, more precisely Pag was my summer vacation this year and I really love going on vacation this early, because in Germany, we have “Pfingsten” as a school holiday in May/June for two weeks. All I did was lay on the beach, read, drink, swim and repeat – which is what you do, right? It was also without my parents, but with friends of mine and my mother.


London – La Liberté

London is one of the cities I have always wanted to visit and yes I have been learning english in school for around 8 years now (primary school more or less) and yet I haven’t been to any english-speaking country! My mother isn’t too much of a city vacation-maker and I really wanted to travel with a friend this year – alone. And I know I am young, but we were so fixed up on the idea, that I eventually persuaded my mother to let me go. We booked the flights, a hostel and bus tickets from the airport and back and most importantly Harry Potter : The Exhibtion, I planned nearly everything for the days and so we had a fill program to do in this big city. Man was I scared (mainly because of me mother) the first 2-3 days but that quickly went away when I experienced so many things of which I didn’t believe one year ago would happen to me that soon. And I can safely say every day that these 8 days with Feli were the best days of my life until now. I was feeling so free and capable to do anything I/we want to do, I truly felt like I could eventually travel more after my education and this was the kick-start of me not hiding any more, I want to live my life, I only have this one.


Meeting Everyone

Do you have stars and celebs that you really would make anything to meet? I really hate those girls who crie and scream when they see all these boy bands and whatnot, think about it, they won’t hear anything by the time they are 30 and they must feel very intimidated. For me I do want to meet such people as Emma Watson, etc. (still) but for me I think that any person who is truly nice and helpful deserves just the same attention. Any person in London which who I talked, the most amazing shop assistant in a telco Metro with who I could chat away as I was buying gifts to take home to Germany, the best roommates we could have wished for in the Hostel, two more shop assistants at the Harry Potter Shop at the Leavesden Studios who I asked if their job there was good or not (well I still wish to be jobbing there one day, even for just a few months) and who probably thought I was really weird. In Review I think I had big Bambi eyes talking to each of them and I really treated them like they were the biggest celebs I could meet – they live in London, they speak english and yes some work for J.K Rowling! I wanted to chat with as many people while being in England as possible and I think I did quite well. More in the next aspect.

When coming back from London on the 12th I had 2 days in Munich at my fathers and I met 2 of my friends there, both of them would be at vacation the day after our “meeting”. Both days were really spontaneous and because of that even better, Munich heated up for 3 weeks now and we were just chatting and walking at the Isar (major river) or even visiting a art exhibition of the famous and amazing artist Keith Haring. We were talking about anything that came to our minds, exchanging problems and if I look back at myself a year ago, I met only one friend in those 6 weeks of holidays, which is sad, but as I declared before, I want to meet as many people as possible and want to live my life, to look back and be happy, because thats what I am right now.

This is my very first collaboration and I am so happy, that it is about Thought and “Life Lessons”, because I love sharing ideas and reading other peoples thoughts, the community here on WordPress is incredible and I am keen to get to know many more people. Keep an eye out for more 🙂 (I will also feature my favorite people in my Favorites from now on)



I am open here and I declare that I argued with my family too much these last months and I am tired of it, I can’t do it anymore, so I stopped. People told me that the english folk is grumpy and not too nice at times, but what I have experienced is the opposite. The people helped us out at any time, no matter if we were on the wiring bus, we had a not to be opened lock or anything else, the people chatted with us, gave us iced-lolly, took free Polaroids of us or told us their working times at the market. I loved the Kindness and was keen to treasure it in my heard and be just like that. Back in Germany I was reminded of how unfriendly and grumpy my folk is, on the subway everyone minds their own business and gives other people looks, in the art gallery of Keith Haring the custodian of the museum reminded us in a much heartless way that we have to lock our bags in before we enter, which we didn’t know. He could have said it more friendly. Such things put me down. People be happy and treat other how you want to be treated.

My Summer has been one of the best I’ve ever had tough 2015 is the worst year I’ve ever had. Excited for many more to come and for autumn.

Herzlichst, Taykure.

Nuremberg, Germany


Hello World

yass, another travel post, well I din’t like Nuremberg too much, I have to admit (I edited the photos in another white square thing, so that it would look hipster). That’s probably because of the heat on that day (let me tell you, I am no good in too much heat) and the kind of bad planning. Anyways, I went there with my exchange student and the rest of the group (very looking forward to going to Italy in Feburaray!) and we wandered around, even because of me on the hill, at least we had a great view. As always, look for my comments under the pictures and enjoy, maybe you would have a better time there, eating aways the real “Nürnberger Rostbratwurst” and “Lebkuchen” (ginger bread) with all the other german food! Have fun! What is your favorite german city?

Herzlichst, Taykure.

I liked the “evangelische” church even tough I am not religious, looks so beaut like Harry Potter.

Nürnberg5 Nürnberg4 Nürnberg2 Nürnberg7 N11

They had amazing vegan eating opportunities on the market in front of the church!


“Lebkuchen” (it tastes amazing, I have experience from the past!) obv. this is not a real one.Nürnberg6 Nürnberg8

random shots


Amsterdam {travel; #2}


Hello World

this is the second post, where I show you my photos from Amsterdam.

Click here for the first post!

We not only wandered through many streets, we also ticked some other boxes, such as

– Visiting a cannabis tourist shop

– Ate french fries on a fashion/vintage market (there were also many other vintage shops big love!), the best-ever french fries of me life (they were heaven)

– Ate waffles in a very amazing pancake restaurant, they had a whole variety of different ones.

– Visited the Anne Frank museum (and went to the toilet in a cafe while we were waiting, I sounded like a 9 year old when I asked the über-pretty lady if I could go haha) and saw the little statue of her, where the queue starts.

– Got wet in the evening after a long, walk day and slept in the nicest bed I’ve ever slept in, I need one of those beds from the Park Hotel Amsterdam!

– Saw a room full of hanged books (see below).

– Tons of Bikes, some so pretty I had to take a snap.

– Found the real Arke Noah.

Still there is many more to explore, for example the Van Gogh Museum, I could kick my ass, that we din’t went in there, but in one and a half days, you can’t do everything! Have you seen these places yet?

Paris – Best-of {all 7 posts}

Graz #1 ; #2


Herzlichst, Taykure.
DSC_0440 DSC_0480

DSC_0466 DSC_0492 DSC_0496 DSC_0523 DSC_0671

{above in the picture was the pancake restaurant, it’s a few streets away from the Anne Frank Museum}



{the red straps ruined the picture; but really, who cares, it’s Anne Frank}





Amsterdam {travel; #1}

DSC_0551 Hello World,

today I share with you my photography of the trip to Amsterdam last summer. This city was and is a dream for me and I am really hoping to get back soon and explore more! We went to all the little grachten and brugs in the red light district and also the district around that one. Don’t get all panicky about those districts, they have really pretty corners and there aren’t that many shops of that kind anyway. Just wandering around the city, visiting the little vintage and ‘normal shops, cafes, restaurants and looking at the water and ugh-ma-zing houses there made me so so happy! I am a lover for this old architecture and probably all the scandinavian parts of the city/country (I love scandinavia any way). I get reminded of how I want to live later on and how I want to decorate my room now! The lifestyle there is fantastic (of what I’ve seen), not only that the city lives off bikes and boats, the people are funny and friendly. Just wander around, let it all sink into you. This is part one, part two will come in just some time, until then you can look around

Paris – Best-of {all 7 posts}

Graz #1 ; #2


Herzlichst, Taykure. DSC_0612

{in front of the Anne Frank house; waited determined and strong for 3 hours}DSC_0633 DSC_0432 DSC_0449 DSC_0451 DSC_0508 DSC_0591

{night view from the (ugh-ma-zing) hotel “Park Hotel Amsterdam’}

DSC_0598{back view from the hotel, I kinda liked it, well everything about the city}