Blog Break, bye!

Hello World,

probably writing the last post for a while I am saying bye. I just wanted the 2,3 people that are actually friends with me and interested in me to know this, I will need to focus on school more, as I saw how good it was for my grades in the last couple of weeks, the final years. I got time to read again and for friends, not wasting my time, sometimes. I have the times where I really dislike what I am doing and want to be on my own right now, as one of the million teenaged without a blog, so I am going to set my blog on private for as long as I need to and want to. I really loved it from times, but at the moment I can’t bare it any more. If you want you can still contact me with my e-mail , but well you won’t see this blog in a week any more… if you care you can contact me now, I really love getting friends with you, but I do need to get away from the Internet right now.

Herzlichst, Taykure.


7 thoughts on “Blog Break, bye!

  1. Ich habe das jetzt geliket, obwohl ich es eigentlich gar nicht schön finde! Aber ich verstehe deine Entscheidung schon ein bisschen, seit die Schule wieder angefangen hat, habe ich leider auch viel weniger Zeit zum bloggen. 😉 Ich werde deinen Blog und deine Kommentare aber trotzdem vermissen! … Ich hoffe es steht hier nicht allzu lange still. 😉

  2. Aww I’m very sorry for seeing you go. I totally understand your decison and if you feel like this is the best thing to do it’s it. Make decisions for yourself, nobody else knows how you feel and what you need. If you ever need someone to talk to or just rent to you can always e-mail me! ♥

  3. Ich verstehe dich vollkommen, würde mich aber auch freuen, wenn man ab und an von dir liest!
    Für die Schule wünsche ich dir alles Gut und wenn du reden musst – über was du willst – schreib mir bitte. ♥


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